Each wedding cake is created based on your specific desires, and as a result there is no "pre-set" pricing, or "average cost" of a wedding cake. We are happy to provide an estimate and the first step in accomplishing this is to discuss your vision in a consultation or a tasting.


Please be aware that the turnaround time for estimates during months where there are an abundance of weddings will be longer. We will do our best to schedule tastings and consults during these times, but please be aware that in  May-June and September-October we have very limited time in which to develop new estimates.

We do book out months in advance for certain dates, so it's always better to leave more time for planning than you might anticipate. The average for couples starting this process is 8 months in advance. We will to accommodate requests under 2 months if possible but some designs may have to be simplified.


**Due to COVID 19, In-Person tastings are temporarily suspended. Instead, I am offering a TASTING BOX- Please read on as ordering as choosing flavors still follow the same format**

Tastings must be scheduled a minimum of one week ahead of time and are subject to availability. There is a $45 fee paid upon booking, $20 of that fee will be applied to your wedding cake if you decide to book with Sugar Mamas. Tastings are up to one hour long. At least one week prior to your tasting, you will choose up to three flavors each of cake, filling, and frosting. At your tasting, you will not receive three assembled cakes, rather we will mix and match your unfrosted cake layers with your bowls of filling and frosting.

Consults are free of charge and are fifteen minutes long. They must be scheduled ahead of time and can be in person or by phone and are also subject to availability.

The following is a brief rundown of preparation for your tasting/consult so that we can effectively and promptly get an estimate to you.





  • Please PRINT out copies of any pictures of wedding cakes or cake elements that you would like to share as inspiration. Please do not share pictures on your phone - you must provide  hard copy prints. If doing a PHONE CONSULT, please email any pictures AHEAD OF YOUR CONSULT, or write down album name and number of photos from this website.

  • Please also visit the either the Photos tab here on the website or check the albums on our Facebook page (Sugar Mamas Flagstaff). Review the albums section, specifically “wedding cakes”, “aspen cakes”, and “stand-alone wedding cakes”.



  • Consider if you would like to feed all of your guests with one cake, a small cutting cake with side cakes, or cupcakes.

  • Consider if you would like a multi tiered cake or a stand alone (one single cake, not stacked).

  • Provide an estimate of how many people will be served as well as the location of your wedding.




  • Consider what flavors you like and whether you want a premium filling or not. Flavor options can be found under the "menu" tab on this site.


  • Consider if you will require delivery. Certain options lend themselves better for self-delivery. If you have a budget or price range in mind, we can most likely help you find options within that.

  • If you are interested in options other than cake, please request a copy of my “dessert bar/little bites” menu. Additionally, you can pick out any combination of other pastries from the menu on this site. 


At your tasting or consult, we will look at your printed pictures and discuss your specific needs. Your estimate will be emailed to you within two weeks, if not sooner.

We look forward to creating something delicious and beautiful for you!